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Hi I'm Tig! My main is @TigerToony!

Welcome to my Animal Crossing Blog! I play Wild World, New Leaf, Pocket Camp... and now New Horizons!

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Outfit #10 - Studded Gent

Outfit #9 - Tubular Style Dude

heehee funnie outfit

I was waiting for a day when I wanted to post this and now it's finally time!

Happy birthday Raymond!

Happy birthday to Raymond from Animal Crossing!

darn, once again ive forgetten bout updating this blog whoops

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↳Halloween Update: Sept. 30, 2020

Outfit #8 - Black & White

Coat design by Gravelvet on Instagram and Youtube. His creator code is MA-9220-7371-2347. The hat design was by me. If anyone is interested out there I'll share the code just ask!

Outfit #7 - Aristocrate Gold

Outfit #6 - Gentle Blue

Outfit #4 - Houndstooth Beige

Outfit #2 - Brown with Green

Outfit #1 - Dapper in Pink

Gonna queue up some outfit pics! Here's the first. The top was made by me and can be found here. Its actually an old New Leaf design, aha.

oh man havent updated this blog in ages now. i gotta do that oops.

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Bob and Punchy again!

I love this ship OK?

so many ppl online charactize raymond like unhappy and uptight or whatever, but like he's like a smug villager so actually he's pretty chill? he's just a tidy business cat.

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Part 3 of Designs!

Part 1 || Part 2

Rover doodle!

Doodled Rover since May Day event started in ACNH!

"Isabelle, please tell everyone to avoid my ex, yes?"

My dragon oc as an animal crossing villager

ah yes.......the time to render my elaborate fursona as a villager has come..........

quick ms paint doodle of my human villager in game and an animal villager version, he’s a lazy villager.

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Celeste from Animal Crossing!