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Hi I'm Tig! My main is @TigerToony!

Welcome to my Animal Crossing Blog! I play Wild World, New Leaf, Pocket Camp... and now New Horizons!

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Outfit #10 - Studded Gent

Outfit #9 - Tubular Style Dude

heehee funnie outfit

Outfit #8 - Black & White

Coat design by Gravelvet on Instagram and Youtube. His creator code is MA-9220-7371-2347. The hat design was by me. If anyone is interested out there I'll share the code just ask!

Outfit #7 - Aristocrate Gold

Outfit #6 - Gentle Blue

Outfit #4 - Houndstooth Beige

Outfit #2 - Brown with Green

Outfit #1 - Dapper in Pink

Gonna queue up some outfit pics! Here's the first. The top was made by me and can be found here. Its actually an old New Leaf design, aha.

the boys singing together

Making music together!

Recently got Julia as a resident on my island! I love her!

🌸Sakura Hat and Shirt🌸

Design I've made for the season!! Hope you all enjoy! Might make a coat verison of the design, but I'm still thinking/working on it.

🌸Cherry Blossom Set🌸

After a lot of balloon scoping, I've aquired all of the cherry blossom items! The sakura wood wallpaper and flooring are not pictured in this pic, but I have them too! Got those set up in my living room.

Also made myself a matching outfit, I will share the codes and more pics of it later!

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this is so over the top and i love it

also after 84 years i got another cherry blossom recipe and yes it was this floor